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Student Groups

Professional, prompt and convenient – these three words are most frequently used in our feedback from student travel group co-ordinators.

We are experts in helping you make sure that your students experience a seamless transition from their flights to arrivals at your school setting. We offer a range of services to support you in providing the standards of transfers your students expect.

  • Direct multiple drops to local host families in the 16 seaters
  • Meet and Greet service to provide a good first impression for your arrivals *please note this is not always possible due to coach parking restrictions – please contact us for info
  • Collection of staff members from Cambridge to take to airports/stations to greet the students if a meet and greet service cannot be offered due to coach parking restrictions
  • Executive vehicles with WiFi, USB charging ports and climate control
  • Knowledgeable and friendly driver who is used to working with student groups

If you are hosting foreign exchange students, why not let Myhill's Minibuses take on the journey to the airport and the safe delivery of your charges?

Our professional, experienced drivers will collect students from the airport or hotel in our 16-seat or 22 seat minicoach and drop them to the school or directly to host families in the 16 seater.

When we drop students directly to their host family, you save in a number of ways - there is no need for school staff to travel and you save on direct costs for the expense and inconvenience of taxi transfers. Furthermore, nervous students get to travel together for a little longer once they have arrived in our initially strange country – and they can work out who might be staying near them!

To take advantage of the Myhill's Minibuses minibus service, all you need to do is email us a list of the students who need collecting and where they need to be dropped; we will deliver them safely and provide regular updates to confirm that all is going to plan. Where there is a change, we contact you for further instruction and input. School travel co- ordinators tell us that our excellent communication is one of the main reasons why they are so loyal to us – we make it easy for them to do their work and pre-empt queries and questions from their student charges.

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