Thoughts on a busy summer

It has been an exceptionally busy summer here at Myhill’s Minibuses, just the way we like it!

We have worked with a number of Cambridge language schools over the summer. We have collected students from airports, taken them on day trips to London, Warwick, Oxford, Brighton, Bath, Stonehenge – you name it we have been there! It has been lovely to hear the feedback from the students on the way back to the airport and we look forward to seeing some familiar faces again next year.

We have once again provided our minicoaches for Challenge Central’s Three Peaks Challenge, find out more about Challenge Central here. Our drivers love working on these challenges as it is something a little bit different to our usual work and they build up a good relationship with the group over the two days.

We have also welcomed new drivers to the team due to the high volume of work. You may have met them already but they are Mick, Richard, Stephen and Tom. We are delighted to have them on board and look forward to having them as part of the Myhill’s team!

Here are just some of our highlights in pictures from the summer – our drivers enjoy sending us pictures and looking out for them on our Facebook Twitter and Instagram

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We are excited to see what the Autumn months bring.


Our Executive 16 seater at Waddeson Manor

Minicoaches lined up and ready to go!


Our newest addition to the fleet, a 22 Seater Executive Minicoach at Newmarket Races


RX67 our executive 22 seater which can tow a luggage trailer in Cumbria


Our executive 16 seater with a group of customers at Newmarket Races for Ladies Day

Corporate event minibus hire cambridge

Looking for a minibus for your corporate event? Myhills Minibuses is perfectly placed to act as your travel partner for corporate events requiring minibus hire in Cambridge.

There should be a travel based phrase / equivalent for “putting your best foot forward” – because travelling with Myhills Minibuses, using our executive fleet, means that you will be able to set the appropriate tone from the very start of the event. You’ll also know that your small groups are in the right place at the right time – you can check everyone on and off the minibuses with a headcount.

Myhills minibuses are also perfect for corporate events requiring minibus hire in Cambridge because our drivers know the local area like no one else does. Their decades of driving experience enables them to provide an entirely professional service to you and your groups.

Businesses hire Myhills minibuses to provide a minibus for a corporate event in a number of capacities. Some use us to take teams from A to B first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Others use minibus hire to be on hand throughout the day as needed, often making many different stops throughout the day.

Wedding event minibus hire Cambridge

Going to a wedding? Whether you are travelling with a group of work colleagues, friends or your inlaws, hiring a minibus for a wedding event is a great idea. A minibus for a Cambridge wedding is even a good idea if you’re staying local because Cambridge has so many incredible venues which have little or no parking nearby!

Hiring a minibus for a wedding event is a great practical decision. A minibus means that you’ll all arrive at the church on time. A minibus for a wedding means that you know that everyone is in the right place and can look after each other – checking that ties are straight and outfits are perfect. A minibus for a wedding avoids the heated discussions as to who will be the designated driver. A minibus for a wedding in Cambridge also means that if you’re intending to change between the day and evening events, you’ll be able to have everything on hand as and when you need it. You’ll also be able to leave your belongings and your wedding gift securely with the driver whilst you are at the church and then again when you’re at the wedding venue. And of course, everyone will be able to take a spare pair of shoes for once the wedding photos are done with!

Hiring a minibus for a wedding event isn’t just a practical decision. By hiring a minibus for a wedding event, it makes life feel easier for everyone. It also means you’ll be sure that you don’t leave just before something really funny / embarrassing / memorable for all the wrong reasons happens!

We know that you’ll be looking at different suppliers for quotes so please do make sure that you receive like for like quotations so you can compare them properly. If you’d like any help from us, even if you’re just at the planning stage for going to a sporting event and hiring a minibus in Cambridge or beyond, we’re happy to help you with looking at different routes and potential starting times for your travel.

You can call us on 01223 955455 or email – whichever is easiest for you!

Hiring a minibus for a sporting event?

Going to a sporting event? Looking to hire a minibus? Based in Cambridge? We’re here to help.

We have the right people (and vehicles) for the job! If you’re going to a sporting event it’s only natural that you’ll all want to travel together – sharing the highs and the expectations on the way there and of course, to celebrate (or commiserate) together on the way home.

Traveling together to a sporting event in a minibus is a good decision for the head as well as the heart – it is usually much cheaper to travel together and save money on car parking, taxis at either end and the train. You’ll also know that everyone is in the right place at the right time. This in turn saves money on unexpected costs when someone is late, misses their connection or travels in the wrong direction….

In travelling together and having the driver wait nearby, you’ll be ready whatever the famously changing British weather has to throw at you. You’ll be able to take full kit with you and know that when it’s hot, you can leave your coat and valuables with him. If the weather changes you’ll be able to nip back and collect additional layers as needed. All of these smaller details come together to make for a team travel experience that is memorable for all the right reasons, whatever the outcome for your team.

If you’re starting and ending at different locations, that’s fine with us. If you’re going to have everyone group together in one place to begin the journey and do multiple drop offs on the return journey, that’s fine as well. Whatever works for you, works for us. We’re proud of our ability to be flexible and meet your needs. Our professional drivers pre check their routes to ensure that they are up to speed on roadworks, traffic hot spots or potential delays.

We know that you’ll be looking at different suppliers for quotes so please do make sure that you receive like for like quotations so you can compare them properly. If you’d like any help from us, even if you’re just at the planning stage for going to a sporting event and hiring a minibus in Cambridge or beyond, we’re happy to help you with looking at different routes and potential starting times for your travel.

You can call us on 01223 955455 or email – whichever is easiest for you!

Looking to hire a minibus in Cambridge?

Looking to hire a minibus in Cambridge? You’re in the right place.

Myhills minibuses is the specialist provider of all things relating to hiring a minibus in Cambridge – we have a dedicated fleet of minibuses and drivers who have decades of driving experience!

Hiring a minibus in Cambridge is a good thing to do because it makes your life easier. Whether your group is going straight from A to B or undertaking a tour with multiple stops, hiring a minibus in Cambridge means you’ll all depart and arrive at the same time – in style!

Our fleet of minibuses in Cambridge is cleaned before every journey and each driver does a full vehicle check on the exterior and interior before taking it on the road. When hiring a minibus in Cambridge you’ll need to know the following:

  • How many people will be travelling
  • How much luggage will each person have (both hand luggage and hold luggage)
  • The full starting address
  • The full destination address
  • The full addresses of any points where you would like stop en route
  • The email address and mobile phone number of the lead passenger
  • The time you need to arrive at your destination
  • The time you’d like to spend at each stop en route
  • The type of card you’ll use to pay for the journey – some providers charge an extra percentage for the use of a credit card.
  • If children will be travelling, will you be providing your own car seats? Will we look after them for you, at no cost, whilst you are at your destination? Or would you prefer for us to provide car seats at no additional cost, for you to fit them on the day – for both the outward and return journey? If you would like any of the latter in this regard, we’ll need to know the ages of the children so we can provide the correct car seat.

We know that you’ll be looking at different suppliers for quotes so please do make sure that you receive like for like quotations so you can compare them properly. If you’d like any help from us, even if you’re just at the planning stage for hiring a minibus in Cambridge or beyond, we’re happy to help you with looking at different routes and potential starting times for your travel.

You can call us on 01223 955455 or email – whichever is easiest for you!

Airport Lynx and Myhill’s Minibuses – an update

Back in January 2017, Airport Lynx welcomed Myhill’s Minibuses into our fold and we’ve been out on the road ever since. We were delighted to find that Professional Driver magazine and Cambridge Independent both featured our news – national and local coverage are equally important, for different reasons! Screen shots of the coverage are below – it’s great to have their support as we work to put the processes and technology in place to enable Myhill’s to grow and flourish just as Airport Lynx has….

5 Places to go to escape the cold this January

As winter grips the country and the back to work blues take hold it is easy to daydream about flying off to warmer climates. But why not make the dream come true, treat yourself to some winter sunshine and get the New Year off to a perfect start.  Whether you want to enjoy the sunshine on a beach, by the pool bar or stretch your legs with a spot of sightseeing, these warmer climates are well worth a visit so book today, pack tonight and step off the plane with a smile tomorrow.

1)     Barbados is home to some of the best restaurants and hotels in The Caribbean. December to May is known as the ‘dry season,’ making it the perfect time to visit. Great beaches make this a popular destination but if you are looking for more to do with your day there’s an Abbey, Caves, a Museum and a Botanical Garden to keep you amused.

2)     escape the cold this winterIf relaxation and some pampering is overdue then the stunning beaches of The Maldives are ideal for that picture perfect scenery. Have some treatments in a spa or try a spot of diving where the water is so clear all year you can see fifty metres away.

3)     Tenerife is just a four-hour flight away so makes an excellent choice for those who don’t enjoy flying or who want a short break and you’ll find something for everyone here. The Teide National Park is a wonderful attraction with its volcanic crater and cable car ride to the top of the peak and the Loro Parque theme park boasts the world’s largest collection of parrots.

4)     escape the winter with a holidaySouth Africa boasts some amazing cities, with delicious food and nightlife aplenty. Go whale watching or take a dive to see the reefs, shipwrecks and even sharks. For the more adventurous have a go at bungee jumping or slide through the forest on a steel cable on one of the canopy tours. Running on the same time zone as the UK there’ll be no jet lag to worry about either.

5)     Can’t decide where to visit? Why not hop on a winter sun cruise and let the ship guide you to some fabulous destinations in South America. Embrace the Latin spirit of Argentina or discover the ancient Inca site of Machu Pikchuin Peru. With luxurious settings on board you can experience great sightseeing during the day and enjoy the best of culinary delights and evening entertainment whilst knowing you are a stone’s throw from your cabin.

Tempted? Take a look at the last minute deals available, pack up your suitcase and don’t forget your passport. Why not book a chauffeur to ensure you get to the airport safely and in good time for your flight and have one waiting when you land home for a smooth, stress free return home.

Photos: Easa Shamihmomo,

Our New Minibus!

If you’re planning a trip with family or friends this winter, don’t forget that we have a minibus that you can hire for the day, with a driver.

You could get a door to door service, with no need to walk for miles from the carpark in the cold and rain and no need to travel in convoy!

You can hire our minibus service for anything from a trip to the theatre to a day in London; from attending a long-distance wedding to paddling in the sea. In fact, the Airport Lynx Minibus Service can take you pretty much anywhere you want.

We have just added an additional minibus to our fleet, which is even higher spec than the rest! With leather seats, air conditioning, a fridge, reading lights, tables in the back and large boot for luggage, you don’t have to compromise on luxury when you travel as a group.

In the following video, you can see us celebrating our new offices and minibus with cake (don’t worry, we cleaned up all the crumbs!).

The minibus has already covered a lot of miles in its first week, including taking passengers to Luton, Heathrow and Gatwick to start their holidays and taking people on day trips to Ely, Swaffham Prior, Reading and London.

For more details, please see our website or phone us for a quote. Share the luxury of a chauffeur service with friends. It might be cheaper than you expect.

Airport Lynx’s tips for Travelling with Children

Be honest, does the prospect of travelling with children scare you? Does the thought of negotiating a busy airport with a squirming toddler or a bored child and sitting in a cramped and hot enclosed space with a noisy baby or a travelsick tween bring you out in a cold sweat?

You’re not alone!

Here at Airport Lynx we’ve compiled our top tips for travelling with children, which will help you relax and enjoy the start of your holiday.

1. Plan your hand luggage. There are lots of lovely travel bags for children, which they will enjoy packing (please check the contents of bags that younger children have packed!) but as a backup plan, make sure you are able to carry everyone’s hand luggage in case they get too tired. These clips are perfect for tying bags together so you can carry them all.

2. Pack snacks! Don’t rely on buying snacks at the airport, as long queues might mean that you don’t have time to stop. Pack energy dense snacks (NOT chocolate buttons like I packed on my first flight alone with the children, they didn’t sit still for the whole flight!). Remember you can’t take large volumes of liquid through security, but you could take a water bottle (these collapsible ones are perfect for travelling) and fill it up at the airport.

3. Take entertainment – if you’re taking a phone or tablet to keep children occupied, then don’t forget to pack a backup power source. Solar powered chargers are a good idea for holidays. It might be safer not to rely on electrical items. Look for compact games with not too many tiny pieces! Here are some great ideas of travel games.

4. If you’re travelling with babies or toddlers, check out the luggage allowance allowed by airlines. Most airlines will carry a pushchair free of charge, but there might be a charge for other items. If you have a lot of baby equipment, it might be easier to get it sent to your destination.

5. Don’t forget baby wipes! For sticky fingers and faces of all ages, baby wipes are a travel essential. Antibacterial versions are available, which might speed up snack stops!

6. Always have a strategy in place in case your party get separated, especially at busy airports. For younger children, these identification wristbands can be used to help reunite them if they get lost.

7. If your child is travel sick then consider buying medication or sea bands in advance. Even if no-one has been travel sick before, have some sick bags to hand, don’t rely on getting them on the plane!

8. Keep your tickets and passports somewhere secure, but easily accessible. Ideally somewhere you can get to with one hand if your other one is full of bags! We love these family passport holders.

9. Cut down on the stress of getting to the airport and parking by booking a taxi. You can relax, chat and play with your children and generally get excited about your trip more easily if you don’t have to drive!

10. However hard the journey is, remember it will be worth it when you arrive at your destination!

Have a lovely holiday!

A day at the seaside.

Remember the glorious summer of 2013? The only downside for Mrs Jones was that the Airport Lynx Minibus Service wasn’t around when she decided it would be a good idea to spend a day at the seaside with her family and friends…

Wednesday 31st July 2013 (Mrs Jones is speaking on her mobile to Mrs Brown)

This will be such a fantastic day. I can just see the children happily singing songs in the car on the way and we adults smiling and waving to one another on our journey…

I’m really looking forward to this!

Saturday 3rd August 2013.


I can’t believe that Sally Brown has insisted on leading the convoy. Her husband, Sid, is the worst navigator ever and you can guarantee that by the time we get to the beach (if we ever get to the beach!) they won’t be speaking.

Freddie! Maddie! Have you been to the toilet? We’re not stopping on the way. You have been warned!



No, Freddie, we can’t stop at Swavesey Services for a wee. We’re already late, thanks to Roy Green. Really: did he have to insist getting a freezer box full of beers in that Fiat 500 of theirs?



No, Maddie, we are not nearly there yet! Freddie, stop whingeing. You can’t need to go that badly.



I have cramp in my legs. Did we really need all this stuff? Freddie, stop humming: it’s annoying your sister.



Why are we on the A11? I would never have come on the A11. What’s Sally thinking letting Sid tell her where to go? Freddie, stop kicking your seat: it’s annoying your sister.



Where’sRoy’s car? Where the hell have they gone now? We’ll have to wait in the next lay-by for them to catch up. Flash Sally so she knows. No, Maddie, I can’t stop Freddie from looking at you. Freddie, stop looking at your sister!




I didn’t say ‘turn right’, you pillock: I said ‘that’s right’!

Well, it’s not my fault you’re deaf.

That $*@@#! Sally! Why does she have to drive so fast? No, Freddie, please don’t repeat that word.

No, Maddie, we are NOT nearly there!



Maddie, I’m sorry you’re bored and that Feddie is making funny noises. Freddie, nooooo!

@#*&! Now we’ll have to stop. Urgh. What the hell did you eat to produce that, Freddie?



I’m sorry that Freddie stinks, Maddie. No, there isn’t room for you to move. NO, WE’RE NOT NEARLY THERE YET!

Right, that’s it. If I hear one more sound from either of you, we’re going straight home.






Well, darling, I’m sorry there are no parking spaces! How did I know that everyone in the east ofEnglandwould be heading for the beach today? Where the hell are the other two cars?



Great. We’ll need to collect sponsors to get to the beach. And we have all this again on the way home, but this time covered in sand!


Remind me next year why we won’t be doing this again!



Now step forward into August 2014 . . .


This year we have booked a 16-seater mini-bus with Airport Lynx for our trip to the seaside. More room for beach sundries, picnics and feet; the children can amuse one another on the journey; adults can chill together and have a laugh; and we don’t need to argue about navigation or worry about parking because that nice, professional and friendly Airport Lynx driver will do all that for us.


I’m really looking forward to this … I wish the Airport Lynx Minibus Service had been around last year!