Corporate event minibus hire cambridge

Looking for a minibus for your corporate event? Myhills Minibuses is perfectly placed to act as your travel partner for corporate events requiring minibus hire in Cambridge.

There should be a travel based phrase / equivalent for “putting your best foot forward” – because travelling with Myhills Minibuses, using our executive fleet, means that you will be able to set the appropriate tone from the very start of the event. You’ll also know that your small groups are in the right place at the right time – you can check everyone on and off the minibuses with a headcount.

Myhills minibuses are also perfect for corporate events requiring minibus hire in Cambridge because our drivers know the local area like no one else does. Their decades of driving experience enables them to provide an entirely professional service to you and your groups.

Businesses hire Myhills minibuses to provide a minibus for a corporate event in a number of capacities. Some use us to take teams from A to B first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Others use minibus hire to be on hand throughout the day as needed, often making many different stops throughout the day.