Airport Lynx’s tips for Travelling with Children

Be honest, does the prospect of travelling with children scare you? Does the thought of negotiating a busy airport with a squirming toddler or a bored child and sitting in a cramped and hot enclosed space with a noisy baby or a travelsick tween bring you out in a cold sweat?

You’re not alone!

Here at Airport Lynx we’ve compiled our top tips for travelling with children, which will help you relax and enjoy the start of your holiday.

1. Plan your hand luggage. There are lots of lovely travel bags for children, which they will enjoy packing (please check the contents of bags that younger children have packed!) but as a backup plan, make sure you are able to carry everyone’s hand luggage in case they get too tired. These clips are perfect for tying bags together so you can carry them all.

2. Pack snacks! Don’t rely on buying snacks at the airport, as long queues might mean that you don’t have time to stop. Pack energy dense snacks (NOT chocolate buttons like I packed on my first flight alone with the children, they didn’t sit still for the whole flight!). Remember you can’t take large volumes of liquid through security, but you could take a water bottle (these collapsible ones are perfect for travelling) and fill it up at the airport.

3. Take entertainment – if you’re taking a phone or tablet to keep children occupied, then don’t forget to pack a backup power source. Solar powered chargers are a good idea for holidays. It might be safer not to rely on electrical items. Look for compact games with not too many tiny pieces! Here are some great ideas of travel games.

4. If you’re travelling with babies or toddlers, check out the luggage allowance allowed by airlines. Most airlines will carry a pushchair free of charge, but there might be a charge for other items. If you have a lot of baby equipment, it might be easier to get it sent to your destination.

5. Don’t forget baby wipes! For sticky fingers and faces of all ages, baby wipes are a travel essential. Antibacterial versions are available, which might speed up snack stops!

6. Always have a strategy in place in case your party get separated, especially at busy airports. For younger children, these identification wristbands can be used to help reunite them if they get lost.

7. If your child is travel sick then consider buying medication or sea bands in advance. Even if no-one has been travel sick before, have some sick bags to hand, don’t rely on getting them on the plane!

8. Keep your tickets and passports somewhere secure, but easily accessible. Ideally somewhere you can get to with one hand if your other one is full of bags! We love these family passport holders.

9. Cut down on the stress of getting to the airport and parking by booking a taxi. You can relax, chat and play with your children and generally get excited about your trip more easily if you don’t have to drive!

10. However hard the journey is, remember it will be worth it when you arrive at your destination!

Have a lovely holiday!